Is The Sandwich Co right for you?

The personality of our franchise partners is of huge importance to us here at The Sandwich Co. Why?

Entering into a partnership with The Sandwich Co is the closest thing that you will experience outside of marriage! The Sandwich Co have never closed any of its stores in its seventeen years of successfully selling sandwiches and we don't intend starting!

We choose our franchise partners very carefully and we advise you to research and choose which company you decide to go into business with just as carefully. For a relationship to work, both sides have to understand the needs and expectations of their partner and do everything in their power to assist them achieve their goals.

We do exactly that!


Key Elements

Our sandwich bars concentrate on four main areas.

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Outside catering
  • Customer service

All fillings are prepared in one location daily and delivered directly to each store overnight. All beverages are supplied in one weekly delivery to each store, again overnight. A coffee training suite is located in our factory for the training of our Barista's. Our Outside catering menu is possibly one of the best in the industry and our sales prove it. Our customer service is taken very seriously and is based upon levels expected in the United States. We train our staff, and we train, and we train again. When they tell us that they have had enough training, we train them again!


So, how does it all work?

Once you and us have decided that a partnership is right for both parties, this is what happens.

  • We assist you in finding the correct site and help with negotiations in securing the site.
  • We assist you in the design of the unit.
  • We assist you in the fit-out of the unit and the purchase of all equipment needed to open for business.
  • We assist you to recruit the correct staff needed for the efficient operating of the store.
  • We train you and your staff in all areas of the business prior to opening. This includes, where necessary, placing you, your staff, or both in our existing stores for hands on operating experience.
  • We place experienced staff members into your store for the initial opening period to ensure all systems get up and running properly.
  • We ensure that, on opening, all health and hygiene requirements along with all issues relating to employment law are in place, including contracts of employment.


Ongoing Support

We will be there to help and assist you in the everyday operating of your business.

  • If we charge you a management fee, we have to earn it!
  • From the initial advertising of your new business through to keeping correct accounts for your business, we are there to assist you.
  • Remember, we have been doing this for over eighteen years and although we won't say that we do everything right, we do try damn hard to get as much right as possible. Remember, we have made a lot of mistakes and it is our job to ensure that you do not make the same ones.
  • We will provide you with our Operating Manual which gives step by step instructions of the day by day operating of a Sandwich Co sandwich bar.
  • We will provide to you a range of branded packaging with promotional material on a regular basis including point of sale material for you to increase your profits.
  • We will Provide you with ongoing training programmes to ensure standards and profits are maintained.
  • We will Provide you with telephone support with all issues on a day to day basis.


Investment Required

The investment required for a 1300sq ft unit is summarised below. (based on a shell unit with a suitable shop front and electric shutter if required)

All shopfitting to include

  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • Plumbing & electrical
  • Counters
  • Flooring
  • Fitted seating
  • Air conditioning
  • Wall panelling/screens
  • Toilets etc


  • All refrigeration
  • Coffee machines, water boiler etc
  • Freezer, dishwasher, oven,
  • Cash register, microwave, panini machine
  • Crockery/utensils
  • Wall prints
  • Uniforms
  • Shelving
  • Music system


  • Shop signage/window graphics
  • Menu boards

Professional fees

  • Interior Design drawings

Legal fees


Franchise fee (See- how does it all work?)


Other costs

  • Advance rental tbc
  • Working capital

Staff wages during pre-opening training

  • Professional fees

Personal investment - £40,000

Finance required - £71,000

Total capital required - £111,000

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